Website Design

Whether you're looking to get your first website created or you need an existing site re-designed, we would love to help!

Every one of our websites is designed using Wordpress - an extremely popular, feature-packed content management system. Wordpress has many different themes/designs to choose from, thousands of plugins to add functionality to your site, and offers the ability for us to add custom programming to accomplish your specific website needs.

See PRICING page for more information.


  Domain Registration and Website Hosting

We will set up the perfect domain name for your website, as well as provide hosting for your pages and data.

Our hosting includes:

  • Free Domain Name
  • 25GB Storage Space
  • Unlimited Data Transfer/Month
  • 100 Email Accounts
  • 5 SQL Databases

See PRICING page for more information.

  Email Accounts

You will receive up to 1,000 free email accounts with your website. The finishing touch to a great website is having an email address that matches your site's name.

You can create any addresses that you desire - such as,, etc.

If you have a personal email account that you prefer to use, mail can be forwarded directly to that account for free!

  Maintenance and Updates

If you prefer, we can provide continuous maintenance and updates for your website. However, if you'd rather do the updating yourself, the Wordpress platform is built to be very user-friendly (even for someone with little-to-no website coding experience!)

  Network Setup/Repair

We offer full services for setting up or repairing your network. Whether it is installing routers, running wiring for computers and phones, setting up servers for shared file access, or anything else network-related, we have the professional experience to take care of it!

  Hardware Setup/Repair

From building a custom desktop computer to fixing your broken laptop screen, we can handle it all!

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